• Removing Your Eye Makeup

    The eye area is the first to show signs of aging. In order to maintain a youthful appearance, it is essential that you take special care of the skin around your eyes.


    Have you ever noticed that your eyes become irritated, swollen or itchy from either not removing your eye makeup properly or not removing it at all? If you apply any eye makeup it's important to remove it completely. In fact, taking off your makeup each and every night is an essential part of your new skincare regimen.


    Janae Skincare - Removing Your Eye Makeup

    An eye makeup remover should easily dissolve eye makeup. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and should be treated gently. You should never tug or pull the skin around your eyes, and never use a soap or cleanser in the eye area unless it states specifically that it is gentle enough for the eyes. The makeup remover you use should not burn or sting- if it does burn or sting that means you are doing more harm than good!


    I've heard of some women who use oil based products (such as Vaseline or baby oil) to remove eye makeup. This is not recommended.  Oil based products leave a residue and can eventually block tear ducts, keep eyelashes from growing and cause oily bumps around the eyes.


    Instead, you should use a gentle, oil free eye makeup remover on a cotton pad. Gently press and hold for a moment allowing the remover to break down makeup and then gently swipe.


    My little secret is that I like to then use a clean cotton pad with this same product to remove any makeup on the face before cleansing. By doing this your cleanser can than get deeper into the pores during the cleansing process instead of having to go through layers of dirt, oils and makeup first.


    If you don't already make it a point to take your makeup off every night, then it's time to start- you're already on your way to more beautiful, radiant skin!


    Janae Recommends: Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

  • Reduce Aging Around Your Eyes

    Janae Skincare - Eye CreamOur eyes are the first thing that others notice and are truly the indicator of our age and health.


    The skin under and around the eye is naturally thin and delicate. It has no oil glands and becomes even thinner with age, needing specific care and attention. Most concerns associated with the eyes are crows feet, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. All of these concerns are accentuated through life long facial expressions, natural depletion of collagen and elastin, and sun damage (UV). Let's look at the most common reasons these develop as well as the ideal treatments to maintain a healthy, younger looking skin.


    Crows Feet, Fine Lines, and Wrinkles

    • Causes
      • Sun Damage
      • Smoking
      • Squinting
      • Stress
      • Family history of early wrinkling
      • Dehydration
      • Sleeping on your face
    • Treatment
      • Avoid sun-exposure, wear sunscreen, and sunglasses.
      • Stay clear of cigarette smoke and be aware of stress levels.
      • Use advanced formulas of potent anti-aging peptides which will increase collagen, smooth out and relax lines and wrinkles, as well as Hyaluronic Acid which will bring much needed hydration.


    Under Eye Puffiness or Sagging Eye Skin

    • Causes
      • Poor drainage
      • Allergies
      • Lack of sleep
    • Treatment
      • Get plenty of sleep 7-8 hours.
      • Apply cool compresses to eyes when first up in the morning while sitting up.
      • Treat allergies.
      • Use an eye serum with peptides such as Haloxyl and Eyeliss which will firm, tighten and relieve signs of puffiness and swelling within seconds.


    Dark Circles

    • Causes
      • Heredity
      • Allergies
      • Lifestyle factors
      • Capillary leakage
      • Thinning skin, loss of fat and collagen as we age.
    • Treatment
      • Reduce stress
      • Treat allergies
      • An eye serum with Haloxyl will help reduce dark circles from any of these causes by encouraging proper circulation, reducing fluid buildup, and increasing lymphatic drainage.

    Janae Recommends: Intensive Eye Therapy Creme
    Janae Recommends: Instant Firming Eye Gel

    Don't wait until the skin around your eyes starts showing signs of aging. Prevention is key in treating these conditions. Use topical applications of eye treatments all around your eyes and all the way up to the brow.

  • How Our Sleep Position Affects Our Skin

    We all know how much better we feel when we get a great night sleep! Getting enough sleep has to become a conscious priority. A lesser known fact is that how we sleep can affect our aging!

    Here are three great tips to avoid additional aging to your skin!

    • Avoid sleeping with your face touching your pillow.
      Sleeping with your face touching your pillow is proven to be one of the major causes of permanent deep lines and wrinkles. We have all woken up with these annoying creases on our faces.

      Certain positions night after night leads to sleep lines - wrinkles that become etched onto the surface of our skin. Sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles on cheeks and chin while sleeping face down can give you a furrowed brow.

      The most ideal way to sleep is on your back. It's been proven not only to help prevent wrinkles, but it also provides a number of other great health benefits too!
    • Consider a silk pillow case.
      If you wake up with sleep lines, another cause may be that your skin is being pulled by the pillow case. Movement at night paired with a unforgiving pillow case may cause crease lines in your skin.

      With silk, your skin is able to slide easily and won’t get tugged or pulled against your pillow at night.
    • Sleep slightly elevated to prevent eye puffiness. 
      The skin underneath our eyes is very thin. One of the main causes for eye puffiness is due to water pooling in that area and gravity weighing down while we sleep.

      To prevent this from occurring, sleep with your head slightly elevated.


    Try these tips for yourself! You'll be pleasantly surprised to see some real changes when you look at your beautiful face in the mirror first thing in the morning!

  • Exfoliate for Radiant, Smoother Skin

    Is your skin showing signs of being dull, dry or flaky? Are there clogged pores, blemishes, or an uneven skin tone?


    Exfoliation is the best home treatment to rid these problems for a healthier, more radiant and younger skin. As we age, the process of cell turnover slows down dramatically. The purpose of exfoliating is to remove accumulated excess old dead cells which in turn increases production of vibrant new healthy cells. It also prepares your skin for the specific treatment products you're using. They will be absorbed more easily giving you better results.


    There are two types of Exfoliants - Physical and Chemical


    Physical Exfoliants are scrubs that you apply to moist skin, massage in, and then remove with warm water. This type is for all skin conditions with the exception of blemished/acne-prone skin. It may be used 1-2 times per week for mild resurfacing. If you feel your skin is needing a deeper skin resurfacing such as peels or microdermabrasion, visit a skin professional who will be able to suggest the right treatment for your skin condition.


    Be careful not to over-exfoliate. The goal is to exfoliate with minimal irritation. Be sure to only use facial-type exfoliators, not body scrubs on your face. Don't use any scrub with any rough, coarse, uneven texture that can cause skin damage by tearing into the skin as it abrades away the surface. This could cause tiny tears that damage the skin's barrier. Use creme based or micro-beaded suspensions.


    Chemical Exfoliants such as Glycolic or Salicylic is a leave on exfoliant that is applied after cleansing and is for oily, acne-prone and for sun-damaged skin. This type of exfoliant is best for an acne-prone skin that you don't want to be over-stimulated by massaging in a product. A leave on exfoliant treatment gives you a low concentration of acid on a daily basis. It will keep your pores from getting clogged with dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria which is what causes breakouts. Glycolic also helps with lightening discoloration areas and with scarring.


    It's important to note that you should always be diligent with sunscreen while using AHA's like Glycolic Acid or BHA's Salicylic as your skin is much more susceptible to sunburn.


    Aging, Dry, Normal Skin
    Janae Recommends: Crystal Clarity Microdermabrasion Creme


    Normal, Combination, Oily
    Janae Recommends: Foaming Facial Refiner


    Oily, Acne Prone Skin & Sun Damaged Skin
    Janae Recommends: Glycolic Gel Renewal


    Enjoy a healthier skin by getting in a routine of exfoliating.

  • Mascara - Water-Resistant or Waterproof?

    Janae - Apply Mascara
    So what is the difference?


    Water resistant mascara can withstand water and tears.
    Waterproof mascara can be submerged in water.


    Water resistant mascara is much more gentle on the eye area which is crucial for anti-aging. It also has the benefit of being much easier to remove while still providing the resistance to water or tears to prevent running and smudging throughout the day.


    Waterproof mascara however needs to be removed with a Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover which is oil-based, specifically designed for this type of mascara. The chemicals used in Waterproof mascara are harsh and drying, which can make the delicate lashes brittle and cause breakage or fall out. It can also be quite irritating to sensitive eyes and contact wearers. With waterproof mascara being harder to remove, you can end up rubbing and pulling on the eye area way too much. Without gentle care, it can be easy to irritate the skin around your eyes or even develop an eye infection.


    I prefer and recommend to not use an oil-based eye remover on a daily basis.
    Learn more about your eye makeup remover here.


    I also recommend to change out your mascara every 3 months and to never share your mascara with anyone. If you ever do develop an eye infection, discard the tube immediately and start with a fresh tube once your eye has healed.


    How to Remove a Water Resistant or Waterproof Mascara:

    • Apply Eye Remover to cotton pad
    • Press gently on the eye, holding for a few moments
    • Allow the product to dissolve the mascara
    • Swipe in a downward motion
    • Gently wipe the underside of your lashes


    You may need to repeat these steps, but this is the most gentle on the eyes and the lashes.


    Water-Resistant Mascara is best for daily use.
    Save the Water-Proof for swimming and special occasions!


    Janae Recommends: HD Mascara
    Janae Recommends: Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

  • To Tone or Not to Tone? Is a Toner Really Necessary?

    In my 25 years as an aesthetician, I have met many women that have used a toner religiously and others that never toned at all.


    Now that you are on your way to a better skin routine through removing your makeup properly and using the correct cleanser for your skin type, the question remains:
    Is using a toner really a necessary step in a good skin care regimen?


    First, let's look at what a toner does. Toners restore the healthy pH (how acidic or alkaline) of the skin. Healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH in the range of 4 to 5.5. This is called the acid mantle. The acid mantle is a film on the surface of the skin consisting of lipids, sebum and sweat. This slightly acidic environment fights off bacteria and pollutants. Stress and hormonal changes can cause negative effects to the acid mantle, resulting in a more alkaline skin surface. Soap is highly alkaline and can leave your skin stripped of all the natural oils that are necessary for a healthy skin. Toners bring the skin back to it's natural, more acidic state, which is where a healthy skin thrives.


    If you are using a proper facial cleanser for your skin type then a toner is not necessarily an essential component of your skincare regimen. This is because a proper cleanser does not leave a residue on the skin, nor does it disrupt the skin's natural pH balance.


    However, even with the best cleanser for your skin some women find that their skin benefits from the use of a toner or an astringent. Some women will use them simply to refresh the skin and others prefer toning instead of cleansing in the mornings.


    Although a toner is not always necessary, there are many times where it can be a great option for your skin. My next post will focus on which skin types and conditions will benefit from which types of toners and astringents. It may very well be that your skincare regimen is complete without, or you may realize that a toner is just what you need to bring your skin to the next level.


    If you would like more personalized recommendations for your specific skin needs please visit my contact page or simply leave a comment below!

  • Meet Your Match: Choosing a Toner that's Right for You

    We've already talked about the benefits of using a toner or an astringent (improves clarity in skin tone, hydrates the skin, restores your skin's natural pH balance). I've already revealed that using a toner is not necessarily an essential component of a good skincare regimen.


    However, if you are looking for a way to bring your skin to the next level, you may be one of the many women I have met who can truly benefit from the addition of a good toner or astringent to their daily routine. Of course, everybody's skin is different and a toner that is right for your friend may not be ideal for you. This is why it's important to match the type of toner or astringent you use to your skin's specific needs.


    If you have Dry, Sensitive or Normal skin, your skin may feel a bit taut even after using a proper cleanser. This is especially true in the dry, winter months. I recommend trying a Hydrating Toner. A hydrating toner brings instant hydration and makes your skin feel more comfortable immediately. You may even choose to skip the cleanser in the morning and simply use a hydrating toner - that's all you need for morning skin to feel clean, refreshed, hydrated and prepared for moisturizer and sunscreen.


    If you have Combination or Oily skin, I recommend an Astringent with Witch Hazel (which is a natural astringent). You can use this astringent following cleansing or after exercising to immediately remove excess oil and sweat from your face. Or if you want to refresh your makeup later in the day and don't have time to go through the cleansing process, you can use this astringent to revive and clarify your skin, before reapplying makeup. So it's a great product to carry with you in your gym bag or purse.


    If you have Acne-Prone skin, you can use an Astringent with Salicylic to help dissolve the excess oil and dead skin cells within the pores, dry blemishes and keep skin clearer. The type of bacteria that causes acne cannot live in an acidic environment. Using an astringent with salicylic will adjust the pH of your skin so that your face will not have the environment for these bacteria to live. You should also use this astringent after a blemish has been extracted to clean out the pore, rid it of any bacteria, and help the skin heal more quickly.


    For a Hydrating Toner, Janae recommends:

    Janae Recommends: Visibly Moist Toner


    For a Natural Astringent, Janae recommends:

    Janae Recommends: Herbal Blend Astringent


    For an Astringent with Salicylic, Janae recommends:

    Janae Recommends:  Pore Purifying Astringent.


    If you're unsure which type of toner or astringent is right for you - please contact me! You can visit my contact page or leave a comment!

  • What is Janae Time?

    A time to spend a few moments to inspire the beauty in you still waiting to be revealed.


    With this being my first ever blog post I thought it would be good to share with you a bit about myself. I am a licensed esthetician with over 25 years experience in skincare and cosmetics. I am passionate about beauty and helping women be their absolute best inside and out at every stage of life. Visit my About page to learn more.


    The reason for my blog is to give you insight to good skincare and makeup techniques so that you will feel comfortable in your own skin and confident that you're putting your best face forward everyday.


    I will be blogging about a variety of skincare, makeup, beauty concerns and anything that I feel could be helpful not only in guiding you through maintaining your best, most healthy, beautiful skin, but also to encourage you to take time for you!


    I encourage comments and participation!

    Welcome to Janae Time!

  • Choosing the Right Cleanser

    Janae - Choosing the Right Cleanser

    Please don't tell me you go to bed without washing your face! Your body is designed to repair and rejuvenate itself while you are sleeping. In order to allow your skin to do this, it's crucial for it to be clean first.


    After removing your eye and face makeup with a gentle, oil-free makeup remover, the next step of your skincare regimen is to cleanse the skin. You've got to remove that makeup, dirt and pollution from the day. In fact, if you're not happy with the current condition of your skin, it may be because you're not using a cleanser with the right ingredients.


    In order to choose the right cleanser for your skin, it's important that you always read the active ingredients present in the product before purchasing it.  Steer clear of products containing harsh ingredients such as:  sodium laurel sulfate, petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oil or propylene glycol, synthetic color, synthetic fragrance and comedogenic ingredients.


    Cleansers are not "one-size fits all." You need to pick the right cleanser for you!


    If you have aging skin, are experiencing dryness or are sensitive to a lot of skincare products, try a cream-based cleanser.  If you have normal, combination or oily skin you should use a gel based cleanser. If your skin requires an anti-acne cleanser then be sure to look for products that contain salicylic or benzoyl peroxide.


    After thoroughly cleansing your face, you can apply your serum, moisturizer, night cream, etc. (I'll be blogging on the uses of these products in the days to come). Now that your skin is clean you can be assured that whatever treatment you apply will absorb and penetrate deeper into the skin to do exactly what it is designed to do - correct your skin!


    Women often ask me how many times a day they should cleanse their skin- the answer is, it depends on your skin type! (Remember, skin care is not "one size fits all") If you have a Combination, Oily or Acne skin you should cleanse twice daily. If you have a Normal, Dry or Sensitive skin you should always cleanse in the evening. In the morning you could either use cleanser or you could just use a toner instead to refresh the skin before applying moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup.


    There are times when Janae recommends two different cleansers. One for evening and one for morning. If you are using a stronger cleanser like an Acne Cleanser at night your skin might not need or be able to tolerate twice a day, so you'd want to use a more gentle cleanser in the morning, keeping your skin from becoming too dry or irritated.


    If you are wanting to see healthier more radiant skin and don't already use a cleanser that is suited to your specific needs, try Janae's recommendations for your unique skin type and condition and see what a difference using the right cleanser can make for your complexion!


    If you experience dryness, have an aging skin and have sensitivity to skincare products:

    Janae Recommends: Ultra Gentle Cleansing Lotion


    If you experience an oily t-zone or oily skin and have sensitivity to skincare products:

    Janae Recommends: Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel


    If you are experiencing dryness, aging skin or sun damage:

    Janae Recommends: AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser


    If you experience a normal/comb/slightly oily as well as hyper-pigmentation or sun damage:

    Janae Recommends: Glycolic Cleanser (AHA)


    If you are experiencing oily t-zone, oily skin, acne-prone or rosacea symptoms:

    Janae Recommends: Pore Clearing Cleanser (Salicylic)


    If you are experiencing moderate to severe acne:

    Janae Recommends:  Acne Cleanser (Benzoyl Peroxide)


    If you would like more personalized recommendations for your specific skin needs please utilize my contact page or simply leave a comment below!

  • Consistency is the Key to Results!

    Throughout my 25 years as an aesthetician, I've seen a lot of people disappointed with not obtaining the results they were hoping for from their skincare regimen. There are two key reasons this happens. One is that the products they use do not contain effective active ingredients. The second is that they lack consistency in using quality products on a daily basis.


    When it comes down to it, you are the one who plays the largest role in seeing the results you are hoping to achieve with your skin. It's the time you spend and the products you use that make the difference.


    Just by spending a few minutes everyday using skincare products with effective ingredients, you will greatly improve the health of your skin. That is my goal for you!


    I assure you, this will be time well spent! Beautiful skin is noticeable, and I want you to begin receiving compliments on the healthy, glowing skin you can have!


    In the next few posts I will be sharing with you the purpose and the order of a good skincare routine, starting with the basics. I will also share about the importance of using products with effective active ingredients - what ingredients to look for and which ones to avoid when purchasing products.


    After covering the basics, I'll share targeted treatments that give specific results for different skin issues. Whether it's aging, menopausal, tired, sun damaged, hyper-pigmentation, acne, rosacea or sensitive skin problems you might be having, you can have a clearer, healthier complexion with innovative formulas that repair, rebuild and transform the skin and give you the results you want.


    But first, consistency! It's the most important first step. It's the key needed for success. No other person but you is responsible for the condition of your skin. So take a moment right now and commit to yourself to set aside a few extra minutes each morning and each evening to maintain a skin regimen that fits your needs - and don't worry, I'll be with you every step of the way.


    If you want you to have that beautiful, radiant skin, make the commitment and stay committed. I promise that your consistency will pay off.

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